Keep Ruby Weird aims to bring back some of the wonder and playfulness of Ruby, while also capitalizing on Austin's own "weirdness" culture to make a really fun and interesting conference. We want to make sure that the Austin and Ruby communities really benefit from this. That's why we're endeavoring to work with local companies whenever possible. We're also setting aside a portion of the tickets as a scholarship program. We don't want the reason that someone doesn't come to the event to be price.

Keep Ruby Weird will take place at the Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz, a local movie theater renowned for its great moviegoing experience. Alamo Drafthouse is always one of the first places Austinites direct newcomers to check out, and we're all really excited to get to show it off as part of the conference. The capacity of the Drafthouse's theaters is 179 people, so that's the number we're shooting for for attendees, speakers, and staff.

We're also committed to providing a safe and harassment free environment. See our Code of Conduct for more information.

Keep Ruby Weird can't happen without help from sponsors. We have a few different sponsorship levels, and of course we're open to other arrangements.


Silver $1500

Gold $2500

All of the Silver level perks, plus:

Platinum $5000

All of the Gold level perks, plus: