Austin's newest Ruby conference:

One day and filled with weird.


Located at the Historically Weird Alamo Drafthouse

Enjoy delicious food and amazing talks from the comfort of your oversized seat. For more details on our venue and lodging options:

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Special Guest: Matt Pollock Master Pun Meister

Fact: Rubyists love puns. Double Fact: Austin hosts the world championships of puns, known as the O.Henry Pun off.

We've brought world renowned pun slinger Matt Pollock, to take on the Ruby community. What does that mean? We're looking for volunteers to battle Matt in a live Pun off [video]. He'll single handedly take on a team of Keep Ruby Weird attendees as you work together to topple the Pun Meister. Participants will all get a prize and the winner will get something exceptionally weird. If you think you've got what it takes volunteer by emailing the Organizers.

Challenge the Pun Meister!

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